Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bob's Your Ranunkel

Aren't these gorgeous? My favorite flower- at least until peony season starts. They're called "ranunkler" in Danish, have no idea what the English name is.

I bought these 10 days ago, and they still look fabulous. So for future reference, these and peonies are always a crowd pleaser at my house.


Jenny said...

They're my favourite too! And i'm sure you'll be interested to know they're called ranuncula in English (well, technically in Latin I guess but that's the word used in English). As told to me by the lovely lady I used to buy them from when I lived in the UK.

Jennie said...

It's a shame they aren't in season year 'round!

ubergirlelijah said...

Yes, BEAUTIFUL!! And, Jennie, it is good to know that you like peonies, because they are my absolute FAVORITE flower in the whole wide world!! xxox