Wednesday, January 16, 2008

France: Part 2

It's always nice to see that Mikael enjoys himself while the rest of the family is taking a nap. He was so kind to document this quiet moment which I first discovered after downloading the camera contents to my computer. I thought that wine bottle looked a little empty...

I'm pretty sure that in the future, when I look back on this Paris trip, my feet will start to thud in the memory of those incredibly long walks we took every day. I let vanity run the show on this trip. No way I was going to traverse Paris in sneakers. I brought (almost) sensible, low heeled boots, that have finally realized that I'm not letting up on them, so they're lightening up on me.

Every time we crossed the Seine, Dante would stop and stare for such a long time that we had to carry him away with him crying: "my river, my river!". He got quite attached.

Ah yes, and breastfeeding is definitively over. I have tried over the past several days to offer my wares to Halfdan, who flatly refuses. It ends up with me trying to shove my boob into his mouth and after that only soft muffled screams can be heard. I still have a bit of milk left though, so I'm keen to empty my supplies once and for all. Anyone?

What's in the box? A gift from Mikael perhaps? Perfume? Jewels?

Mais non. Cookies! Well, les macarons to be exact. Pierre Hermé has them in the most exquisite variations. Black truffle and Fig and foie gras to name some. We tried the white truffle and noisette, olive oil and vanilla, caramel de fleur du sel, but the one to top them all was the one with aged balsamic vinegar. Do not miss them when you go to Paris. They are exquisite. They are small, frightfully expensive and yes, they are (kind of) cookies, but they are so worth every centime.


ubergirlelijah said...

Although I have not commented, I am sooooooooo enjoying being part of your trip to France. Deep sigh. It seems so wonderful. And Dante crying, "My river, my river!"...I mean, if that isn't one for the biographers, I don't know what is...the kid is an artist already. And Halfdan--I'm freaking out! He's so big already! He's sitting up by himself???!!! Where does the time go? I need to see him! I miss the little baby Halfdan that I met only four months ago!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!! I'm so dreamy reading your posts...xxox

Zarah Maria said...

I just wanted to say that I'm, like, so not jealous at all. Not. at. all. Now, I'll go back to my studying.

Not. at. all.

BOY, do I need to get me a** out of the house!! And country...

Anonymous said...

Hej i fire "parisere"

Fortsat god tur, må jeres ophold sydpå blive ligeså hygelig og hjemligt som jeres PARISERHJEM. Det er skønt at der er en masse kultur man ikke nåede - så måske næste gang.

Mange feriehilsner til jer

Finn og Lise
Tak for kortet