Monday, April 28, 2008

Hot D***...PINK!

This past weekend has been one long buzz of activity. Our co-op had work weekend in the yard, so I've been assembling benches and tables and painting sheds and whatnot. As if that wasn't enough, I finally did an overhaul on our balcony. It was old, dirty concrete with lots of holes and very difficult to clean. So I scrubbed and scrubbed, and painted and painted, and now, TADA, we've got a hot pink floor out there to cheer us up. It's so much easier to clean now, and the color almost matches our compost worms, who are doing quite nicely in the blue bucket on the right, feasting on broccoli stems and carrot shavings. I collected some of my non-wormy compost and added it to the soil in the yard, for some of my co-op friends' daffodils and almond trees to enjoy. I cannot express what a great feeling it is to know that all of our degradable trash from the past six months isn't off to be incinerated or sit in a landfill!


ubergirlelijah said...

I love it! Love the hot pink, and love the compost worms! I also love the image of you building benches, are pretty baddass, sistah!

sharell said...

I love the colours! ;-) And I sooo know what you went through with all that pre-painting scrubbing and cleaning too! Great job.