Friday, May 23, 2008

The Un-Medicine Chest

Inspired by this post I am going to share a link with those of you who subscribe to the notion that we don't always need prescription drugs and/or pharmaceuticals for all of our ills.

I am NOT saying that those are necessarily bad, or that they don't really help serious medical conditions, but rather that some like myself might prefer to find milder remedies for smaller ailments such as athlete's foot, acne, sore throats etc. Having kids, I am much more aware of what I apply to their bodies, how long that stuff might stay in there and what long term effects it may have.

So I am now officially addicted to Earth Clinic. I haven't actually tried any advice I've found there yet, but I am fascinated by what I've read there, not in the least because real people send in their feedback about the different remedies, be it good or bad. I'm particularly interested in active charcoal, and will be looking more into that.

I'm also going to hurry up and mention that in lot's of cases it is a good thing to be aware of what might be a probable cause of something, instead of just treating it, hoping it will go away. A good diet and exercise are alpha omega for a well functioning human being, and while our eating habits are quite good here at home, I myself have badly neglected the exercise since having my second baby. But for the past few weeks I have been getting up before the kids and working up a sweat at the local gym. I've lost weight, I feel more fabulous than I have in ages, and although I'll never stop being a climate change worrier, it's been a lot easier keeping the global warming blues at bay with endorphins racing around my body.

You may find it hokey, you may find it useful, but it is an interesting read regardless. I'm done now.

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