Tuesday, May 20, 2008

With Mikael gone, I was lucky enough to get to go shopping with both kids in tow, something I normally outsource to him on his way home, or do myself while Dante's at the nursery and Halfdan's sleeping. I steeled myself with some patience and we set off.

First stop was the local eco-baby store, where all I needed to buy was a pack of diapers, but we ended up staying for a full 30 minutes, ripping the place apart and putting it back together again.

Then off to the supermarket where Dante inevitably wanted to play hide and seek in the aisles. I did the pedagogical thing and bought them chocolate rolls to keep them quiet and seated while I perused the goods. The end result was two chocolate covered young uns who got a lot of smiles on our way out.

Although it was nice to have the boys to myself for a couple of days, I am happy to have Mikael back. The 1:1 ratio of children to adults is, if not optimal (I'd say 1:3 would be good) then at least preferable for maintaining a healthy blood pressure and keeping a sunny disposition.

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