Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Date

Mikael and I just got home from a two, count 'em, TWO movie night. MIL came over and watched the kiddos while we biked in to see Tropic Thunder. We were not amused. Well, I was, being the American that I am, but Mikael fell asleep. More than once.

So, to make things right, we went straight from the one movie theatre to the other, and saw Burn After Reading. No one fell asleep this time. Instead, we just about died laughing. I'm still laughing. Best film from them since Big Lebowski. Watch the trailer:

Afterwards, there was time for a beer or three at my old bar, Sabines, before biking home through throngs of people clad in only white. Very strange and, no, we weren't just seeing things.

Got home aroung 1 am, just an hour or so after the kids fell asleep, so looks like we can sleep in a bit too, Hooray!


Kat said...

That movie looks hilarious!
Sounds like a fun date.
Ever figure out what the people in white was all about?

Jennie said...

SEE IT! Hilarious. We may even have to go see it in the cinema again, just to make sure it's still funny!

Oh yeah, I googled the people in white, and apparently it was a concert called Sensation White. Some sort of techno rave hooha where the attendees have to wear all white to get in. Not my crowd, but it was definately a once in a lifetime thing, to bike home through 20,000+ people, clad all in white.

Kat said...

That must have been something else!

I just gave you a Superior Scribbler award:

kickpleat said...

that was the last movie i saw at the theater. it was pretty enjoyable!