Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Protozoans Are Here!

Good evening, from Puke Central.

Our morning started by Halfdan crying in a pool - A Pool - of liquid poo. So that was our first load of laundry for the day. We kept him home, needless to say, and really enjoyed how cuddly he is when he's under the weather.

Dante was in Kindergarten, so Halfi had us all to himself, and since Mik has the evening shift he decided to treat us others to some crepes. Halfdan didn't seem to have much appetite, and it became quite evident why, when he projectile spewed on the table. That was the second load of laundry.

He recovered quickly, and seemed relieved to be, well, relieved.

Dante came home and promptly fell asleep after a busy day at the office, and after he and Halfdan woke up from their respective naps, I made a nice little pasta dish. Halfdan was famished, so he ate two plates, and drank about a liter of apple juice.

Cut to one hour later, when we're all sitting and relaxing in front of Miami Ink (our favorite show), and Halfdan up and spews all over me, the afghan, and the sofa, pillows and all. So that was laundry loads three and four right there.

I'm trying my best not to succumb to queasiness myself, so I keeping taking sips of diluted Apple Cider Vinegar, and that seems to keep it at bay.

In other exciting news, my favorite pair of home pants split, right down the bum. These pants are an integral part of my uniform at home, so this is nothing less than a disaster. I guess this just means that I can't be going to pick up the kids in my uniform anymore. That's okay. Now my uniform matches Mikaels, which split, got repaired, then split again. I suppose it's just a sign that we be needing some fresh air.

This is my uniform seen from my perspective. I can seriously wear this for a week before realizing it might need a wash.

Mikael thought y'all'd appreciate my purdy toenails.

Also, here is a picture of a typical lunch box that I pack for Dante.

There is:
- two dark rye sandwiches. Cod roe w/remoulade, and paté w/pickled beets (homemade)
- chunk of cucumber
- chunks of cheddar cheese
- three dates
- two cherry tomatoes
- small fried sausages

What do you pack for your kid's lunch?


Kat said...

Wow, we had that same bug, but it only attacked in the middle of the night. I had days of puke and poo puddles all over the bed. Lots of laundry.

Your lunch looks wonderful! I don't have to pack a lunch - his school feeds them really well, he even happily eats raw veggies at school, which he never will at home!

Jennie said...

Well, I guess that's just air-travel, keeping us all connected :-) Good thing it's over.

On one hand, it's a bitch to make lunch every morning, on the other, great to know what exactly he's eating.