Friday, November 28, 2008

To Be Danish

Lately, I've been trying to revitalize my blogging experience. Trying to keep my readers interested, and attract new ones. Trying to find new blogging friends out there, to broaden my horizon. I discovered The Blog Ring. Oh my. As if I didn't spend enough time reading about other people! I joined an expat blog ring, and am currently perusing the blogs of people who live in Denmark not by an accident of birth, but because they fell in love, or got jobs, or just wanted to try something new. Among other things.

Not Quite Danish is one such blogger. He's an Aussie, trying out life in Copenhagen for size, with his partner and their adorable pooch. I fell over this list he made, To Be Danish, and had quite a chuckle, and he's so graciously allowed me to share. Enjoy.

I’m starting to feel Danish because:

1. Australia really does seem a very long way away now

2. I feel good about paying 50% tax and see the sense in it (Well, it really does have its merits!)

3. It’s important to learn Danish because so many people in the world don’t speak it

4. I can now (if I sprinkle methamphetamine on my rye bread and chocolate flakes) get every bit of household shopping done on a Saturday before the shops close at 2.30pm o’clock

5. I finally know who every member of the royal family is, including cousins

6. I loved summer and the almost constant light but am looking forward to candles and darkness

7. If the train stops, I just sit there and don’t complain – even if it’s for an hour

8. I think it is a shame Denmark lost Southern Sweden to the Swedes 300 years ago

9. I now believe Hygge is untranslatable and I don’t screw up my face when someone says so

10. What’s wrong with spending DKK800 (AU$200) on drinks on a Friday night? Really??!

11. I take pride in my once-every-nine-week duty to clean the stair well and basement. (Why would you pay someone to do that?) ☹

12. Social smoking is good. It makes you happy

13. Smoking full time makes you even happier

14. Drinking till you throw up, on a Friday and/or Saturday night, is an excellent idea and I wonder why I’d never thought of it before. (Although preferably not a Sunday, from personal experience)

15. People who have a couple of glasses of wine every night of the week are alcoholics. Those who drink until they are comatose on the weekend, are not

16. Flats having no numbers but only ‘to the left’ or ‘to the right’ makes perfect sense

17. It’s not a funny question if someone asks you do you go ‘to the left’ or to the right’

18. If it’s 1st June, you wear shorts, even if it’s -1C

19. Ærter doesn’t mean artichoke

20. I can’t understand why AustraliaPost men/women don’t deliver mail right to your door

21. Pharmacies should always have queue numbers

22. Leaving your baby snuggled up in a pram to sleep in the back yard in mid-winter does them the world of good

23. It’s better if you live ‘North of Copenhagen’ – even if I don’t

24. Even if nothing is organised, it will be okay

25. A CPR number is essential, it’s not in any way a Big Brother thingy

26. Five or six weeks holiday time a year is bordering on unreasonable

27. People who say ‘hello’ or ‘undskyld’ on a bus are probably deranged

28. Crown Princess Mary is Danish, not Australian


Fe said...

LOL! I must check out his blog. Love the list!

I had dinner with Prince Frederik (and others) in London about 13 years ago. I personally think he had a thing about Australian girls even then. Hmm.

One of my Danish friends' mother LOVES it that I'm Australian. Makes her feel closer to Mary (although we do know Mary's old Lady-in-waiting so that should be more than enough for her!).

I know that it's completely un-Danish to name-drop about the Danish royal family... but hey... I'm NOT Danish!

Oh, and I got such a thrill when Dixie Chicks started playing on your site today! I love 'em.

Jennie said...

Oh go on, I love namedropping!! You know, I'm almost certain that the royal family is bred to know they must find love on on the other side of the planet. Did he hit on you at least? Imagine telling that to your grandkids one day!

Indra said...

that's brilliant. i love his blog. you've been here 13 years!? wowza. you were like...4 when you came? ;) lol
you're so young! how did you get here?
exciting to have new blog friends! thanks for dropping by :)

the writer said...

I read NQD's blog regularly too and I just found your blog from the expat blog network :)

Fe said...

I would feel awful name dropping on a blog! Let's just say that, um, a little after dinner farewell snog (kiss) was enjoyed, but that's all. Lovely guy, but I wasn't really into the whole "dating a royal" thing (I was hanging out with a set that included many European royals at that stage. I settled on a Swedish Count, but that only lasted a few months).

And that, um, my Danish friends are very titled. Which is how I found myself hanging out with that set!

It was fun. But I think that group has a lot of fun in their twenties because they know that life gets very very serious when they get older. With very little freedom and a lot of public attention.

Jennie said...

Hey Indra and Writer - thanks for stopping by! Am keeping an eye on you two :-)

Fe, go on! Dish it all out. It's ok. You can tell me ;-)
I wonder, how did you meet your Danish friends in the first place? Sounds like you've known them for ages!

'Babs' said...

I love this list, v. funny.

Except the bit about Mary being Danish, that is NOT funny.


mina said...

haha, i'm surprised i can actually relate a little bit!

...and how north is "north of copenhagen?" i'm sure he didn't mean nørrebro. though i do love living here. :D

Jennie said...

Am pretty sure "north of copenhagen" means hellerup and the like. Wouldn't live there if I were paid for it!