Saturday, November 22, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Thanks for all the comments everyone! Nice to have a virtual clap on the back, and the reassurance that I'm not just writing this blog for myself! I've got loads of great posts in my head now, just hope I can write them before they disappear into the folds again.

On the subject of Dante and nr. 2, I have read somewhere that toddlers view their nr. 2 as a part of themselves, which is why they're loathe to part with it. I guess I wouldn't like it either if part of myself was plopping down in the abyss, only to be flushed away forever. Since that day btw, Dante has refused to go to the toilet, and the poor boy is in serious need of some ex-lax. He has a nice big bowl of oatmeal and raisins every morning, so I'm guessing it's just a matter of time.

Apropos oatmeal, here's a pic og the little family having theirs one chilly winter morning. It's actually been SNOWING here! And the snow stuck, lucky us! Mikael rolls his eyes every time I squeal with glee (I squeal often), lamenting the fact that we have yet to buy that house in Morocco for the winter months. Sorry hon - I just happen to like the seasons you know. And it's okay if they're...seasonal.

Last night, we had Alex, Niller and the baby Andreia over to say goodbye before they leave for Australia for two months. Some of our other friends, who we hadn't seen in literally ages, came by too. It'd odd, because a lot of times I have the feeling that people think we're kind of out of the loop just because we have kids, but in reality, Mikael and I do more entertaining now than we ever did when we were singletons. Granted, we're not out on the town every night, like we were back then, but our apartment is constantly filled with folks we like, which is much much better anyway.

So, it was very apt, that just when we were sending our friends off to enjoy an Australian summer, it snowed.

Mikael has to work this weekend, so my main objective was to get the kids out of the house as soon as possible so they could expend some energy. How better to do that than a little sledding? We have the perfect slope just meters from our front door, and we were some of the first ones to try out the newly fallen snow. I was probably the one to expend the most energy, since I was the one who had to heave each child in turn up the hill with the sled and send them off, before running down and repeating with the next one. And do you think they were satisfied with just one ride? One of Dantes old nursery friends happened by with her parents, and they didn't have their own sled, so I was only too happy to let them have ours for a while so I could recuperate.

After that, I just gave them a whirl around the park, no more slopes for me thanks! I know Dante looks indignant, but he was enjoying himself.

Appears that the snow is sticking sround for the weekend, hooray! Life always looks like a movie set after a good snow, for some reason. I half expect to see a twenty year younger Alan Alda coming around the corner. It's also the perfect weather to find fodder for my food writing, so I'll probably be in the kitchen for the rest of the weekend. When I'm not braving snow clad hills that is.

Green, I've been thinking over some of those cultural differences you were wondering about, and I think I'll write a post about that tomorrow!


Dave said...

I came over from Green Yogurt and am happy I did. You have a great "voice" in your blog and I am enjoying your posts.

Kat said...

Love the photos, love the post. I'm brain dead but didn't want to leave without commenting again.

Jennie said...

Happy to see you in these parts, Dave!

Kat, brain dead readers welcome. As long as you comment once in a while - I won't hold anything against you :-)