Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Clementine Light

This is so easy to make, and a real thing of beauty when lit. You didn't think I could be so crafty, eh?

- Take a "loose skinned" clementine.
- With a sharp paring knife cut through the skin along the "equator".
- Gently pry the skin away from the fruit. It may help to gently insert the knife, and work it around the inside of the skin.
- When you have freed the skin from the fruit, cut a hole in the top half. I made mine a star.
- Form the stringy stuff at the bottom half of the skin into a wick.
- Fill bottom half of skin with olive oil, leaving a bit of wick above the surface.
- Patiently light the wick. It takes a bit.
- Gently cover with top half. Make sure the hole is directly above the flame.
- Do not leave unattended!

Ain't it purty?

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