Monday, January 19, 2009

Nie in Peril

So this blogging thing...even though I don't post everyday, I am still out there on the interwebs, reading gluttonously about everything between heaven and earth. Way back in my baby blog years, I mainly wrote on my blog, and used the internet as a place of reference, somewhere I could read up on subjects that my home library couldn't help me out with.

In time, my repertoire grew. I discovered food blogs. I then spent weeks perusing all the food blogs I could find, until I had settled comfortably around a choice few that are still the ones I read today.

Then came the mommy blogs. Oh, those mommy bloggers. Wow. I'd like to say they are a dime a dozen, but that would be mean. Since technically, I am a mommy blogger. (But so much more, n'est-ce pas?) So after a week looking around, I now also have a team of mommy blogs that I stick to.

Then came the ex-pat blog ring. And now I'm all cozy and snug in a little group of non-Danish bloggers, blogging in or about Denmark. It's quite the little community.

And though I am not technically part of this community, I have stumbled upon a group of bloggers that is quite vast, and there is much variation within the ranks, but the defining feature of this particular blogger category is that they are all...Mormon. It all started one day when I clicked on the "next blog" button at the top of the Blogger page. I stumbled upon a sweet young family, in Utah no less, going about their business, and just being really cute. I followed them. Then I started checking out their links. And I found more cute Mormon families. And so, I found myself regularly following two LDS families, more or less because I thought their kids were cute.

Then one day, one of the blogs tipped me off to a tragic event. A young couple (with four children, no less!) was in a fiery plane crash in August 2008. They survived. The wife's sister kept the world posted on their progress from her own blog, amassing thousands and thousands of new readers, like me, who were gripped by the drama of it all, no doubt because this happened to someone like ourselves. The husband was on his feet a couple of months ago, but his wife who is more severely burned, will be struggling to regain mobility. Amazingly though, five months after the crash, she has returned to her blog. She is called Nie, and her latest post had the tag "Nie in Peril". Even though she has a really rough road ahead of her, she has humor. She also has guts. And a really supportive husband. And she is one of the people who has inspired me most, in the blogging world. Visit Nie's blog.


Anonymous said...

so happy to see that you are back on form, give our love to, suzanne

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I know what you mean...blogging can be addictive.. lol.
but it also makes our world seem so much smaller, which being so far from my other home, is comforting.

glad I found you! :o)

Jennie said...

Suzanne - thanks, I will! Great to see you on fb, btw :-)

Kelli - it is comforting. Bringing people closer is no small feat. Thanks interwebs! Kudos to you, for packing up and starting over here. Takes guts!

Sparx said...

Hey, I know, it is addictive, which is why I am up and in the livingroom while my hubby is snug in bed...!

Jennie said...

Sparx - somehow I have the feeling that you have more willpower than I do. Any tips?