Thursday, February 05, 2009

Geography Quiz

Here is Dante, flaunting his knowledge (otherwise implanted by his father).

A translation:

Mik - What's the capital of USA?

Dante - Washington! (don't know where he got the idea to yell it)

M - What's the capital of Morocco?

D - Rabat!!

M - Which capital did the Fatimids establish?

D - Cairo-o!!!!

M - What's the capital of France?

D - Pari-is!!

M - What's the capital of Azerbaijan?

D - Washington!

M - No...something with a "b"...

D - Baku!!

M - What's the capital of Denmark?

D - I dunno.

M - Hahahaha

D - Østerbro!!! (that's the burrough where we live).


Bluefish said...

What a funny kid. So adorable.

Kat said...

That was amazingly cute. There should be a better word than cute, "cute" is so trite and over-used. But still. I can't help it. He's bloody cute.

Jennie said...

Thanks guys. He is effing cute. And so...enthusiastis?