Monday, September 14, 2009


When Halfdan was born, I kind of lost Dante. Sad I know, but that's what happens when your baby grows up and becomes a big brother, and a little lump of hungry takes the spotlight. I have had to push him away countless times, because I had to breastfeed, or because I simply didn't have any more to give. Mikael took over, and they forged a tight bond, but I never got my baby Dante back.

The last couple of months have been good. Halfdan is an independent boy, not the mama's boy he used to be, and I have had more energy to shower upon the big boy I lost two years ago. It's tough though. Adults overestimate and underestimate their kids at the same time. We're quick to say "no" to kids, just to make things easier for us. I realized that, and decided to make amends.

One thing that Dante loves to get his hands on is the camera. We haven't let him though, for obvious reasons. So I sat him down one day, and asked him if he wanted a real lesson in how to use the camera, responsibilities included. He was elated that I took time to show him the ropes, and that he was bestowed with serious responsibilty. And now, he's taken some pretty good pictures. My boy, the new Annie Leibovitz.

Best of all, we're pretty tight again.

Warning - some gratuitous flesh pictures. I would never censor an up and coming Leibovitz though.
* All photos by Dante


the writer said...

Great shots! :D Kids see things from different perspectives than adults, hence their pictures are something "different" than an adult would take :)

By the way I love the wallpaper in the kiddie bedroom :)

Juliet said...

That's so great that you were able to reconnect like that! I feel like I lost William and need to get him back, too.

Nice pics!

June said...

He clearly adores his lil brother, his dad and sometimes his mum :)

jen said...

Sweet pics... So nice that you show hin how to use the camera! I remember when my brother was born I was three, but I also remember that on the day of his birth I got some really cool presents and my grandmothers attention so I wouldn't feel neglected :-)
But I guess you can't avoid that, at some point he'll see that it's quite cool to be the older sibling :-)

Jennie said...

writer - thanks. I like 'em too. He really caught the mood, actually! Wallpaper = expensive, but so worth it.

Juliet - it'll still never be the same, but it's getting better everyday. I try to muster a little abundance and let him in on some grown-up'ish stuff once on a while, so he feels special. It works! And he administrates it well. They like it when they feel you trust them.

June - only when I'm half naked, haha.

Jen - wow, you remember that? I hope Dante felt special then too.

Indra said...

Love the pics...he has a great eye! So lovely.

Charlotte Frantzdatter said...

I love his shots!
And he always have loved the camera!
We did the 'take a pic of dante, then show him- repeat' game, when I cam to see Halfdan the first time ;)

I love his selfportrait - it is really good proportioned. He is gonna be something when he grows up!