Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My favorite route, so far.

Well, my only route, so far. But it's beautiful actually.

You can make one yourself too, no matter where you live. Here.


Rachel said...

Hi Jennie... that's cool. Thanks for sharing the site. I think I'll give it a try especially when I'm in DK. Hope you're having a good week. And I believe you would be a good candidate for the Oprah show... I hope you applied. :-)

'Babs' said...

I was gonna this your way of telling us..or telling are gonna be on OPRAH?!?!???

*word OPRAH said in manner of cookie monster saying COOKIE*


Jennie said...

No Oprah. Yet. I did apply to her website though, so I could yet get my act together and apply for the program. We'll see.

Fuzzy said...

Cool widget there! I am rather disappointed, because my favorite route is closed for works until January 2010, and it takes me right past the mansion I want to own. I shall try and map it out, if I can figure out the geography so you can see if you know it.