Friday, September 11, 2009


I rarely indulge in non-utilitarian shoes, but when I saw these babies, they had to be mine! I'm very pleased with them, as they're made for real women (you know, women who eat) who need somewhere to put their weight when they're walking. These shoes are made for us. Esska saw my tweet about them, and gave me a bit of exposure too, here.

We like to get our kids started on their fetishes early.

Am definitely showing these off tomorrow night!


Fuzzy said...

Oooh, they look excellent! The Maya ones are pretty awesome as well.

jen said...

Hmmm, they look so good on you! And the also seem to be pretty comfortable!

Paula said...

They are pretty! wow, I wish I could pull off heels. I only have one tatty pair of eccos that i never take off because they are too damn comfortable.

Archaeogoddess said...

Oh those are so awesome! I love the width of the heel - I tend to topple if they are too pointy!

June said...

You came, I saw, the shoes conquered!

Jennie said...

That's just it girls! These thing have real heels, and not just toothpicks to balance on, without comprimising the sexy. I love 'em. I have to beat the men off with a stick, right June?!

TBS said...

wee, they walk on walls, and probably dance on ceilings, too :-)

Red shoes are definitely on my must-buy-although-I-don't-really-need-them-list

Indra said...

fkin awesome - comfortable hotness. i will definitely check them out for some boots or something.

'Babs' said...



I am so jealous I cannot speak.

I am coming to your house and stealing them.

WHERE did you get them from? And DO they come in lilac or burgundy or green????? Or black.

Or brown.

or like,uh, rainbow colour.

Jennie said... See, collections, 09/10. Remember something to catch the drool.

Charlotte Frantzdatter said...

I am officially jalous now!

TBS said...

I'm not sure how blog statistics work, or if you even keep an eye on them. But if you wondered why a specific IP-address spent a lot of time on your blog this afternoon, that was me and I just wanted to say thanks for the playlist (excellent background music for cooking :-)
Tine, Århus

Jennie said...

Charlotte - don't hate me because I have great shoes :-)

Tine - well, good! I take pride in bringing y'all great songs!