Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My secret distant love affair with a budgie was consumated today. Can you see the love? He is totally frenching my thumb in this picture. This truly is a bird with a loving demeanor. And he appreciated the blue feather earrings I wore. But then again, they probably reminded him of his girlfriend, who indeed also is blue, and feathered.

He's just dreamy. I want him. I mean, I want one. Of him.

And thanks so much to his owner, who brought a little bit of her native Indonesia to my taste buds today. And June, who's become a close companion recently! Lovely ladies both. You all should be so lucky! A little "puci, puci" for my readers. That's "budgie budgie" in, um, budgie.


Juliet said...

That's a lovely picture of you! The bird is pretty, too. :-)

'Babs' said...

That is so silly :) In a really cute and sweet way.


Khawaga said...

YOu look gorgeous Jennie, and Vic is so sweet. I never got it with birds, but this could be explained by my never having met one. I'm quite struck by this one, and over a video! Obviously I was waiting to be won over.

the writer said...

He sends his luurrrrrrrrve to you. He thinks you're pretty in blue (feather) :)

Jennie said...

Juliet - thanks! Yeah, he's a looker!

Babs - guilty as charged.

Khawaga - Me neither. But then, I'd never met a bird with such a personality. He won me over, and now I'm measurnig how big a cage we can have in the den...

Writer - Glad it pleased him, haha!

June said...

I have a crush on Vic, how can one not be all smitten- he makes perfect poops!
Mail me pics of Vic on MY palm, MY palm, MY palm. Can I underline the MY again? I want to prove he liked me also.

Fuzzy said...

Awwww, I miss that little charmer!

@Lucy: When you meet him, you too will want a Vic of your own. That's how I refer to them now, as Vics.

PiNG aka Patti said...

Aww very cute, lol.

Khawaga said...

Fuzzy, Yes that's right. Vics. Well - the trouble is the cat might need a little re-education and I'm not sure how I'm going to arrange it. But well. Well the solution is to come and see the prototype Vic in KBH. xx

Jake and Jenna said...

your comments make me laugh, i love it. okay-- to change the text color. if you copy and paste from word, and you're in blogger creating a new post, do the following:

1. click create new post.
2. paste whatever you typed from word into blogger.
3. highlight the text that you just pasted.
4. there is a toolbar where you can change your font, the size of your font, add a picture, etc. you will also find a little box filled with different colors with a capital T next to it. that is where you change the color of your text. so, now that you've already selected your text, simply click on that colorful little box and pick whatever color you want.

that should be it! i'm sure you know how to do most of what i instructed, but you never know! that should work. good luck my friend! and happy thanksgiving.

Fe said...

VERY cute! I love budgies too. xxo

Jennie said...

June - clearly, Vic and I had something special. He thought you were okay though :-)

Fuzzy - a charmer, that's what he is indeed!

Patti - soooo cute!

Khawaga - well he's moving to Norway today, so you better be fast!

Jenna - thanks for the tips! Have to try that out!

Fe - oh, yeah, and they're native to Australia aren't they??