Saturday, November 14, 2009

Honest Scrap

It's been ages since I was tagged with an award, and this one is so pretty and red I can't resist. It's for bloggers who express themselves honestly, and I'm really glad someone appreciates me for that. That someone is Fe in Australia, and she's also just about as honest as they come. My obligations with this award are to tell ten things about myself, and tag another three bloggers. The last one's easy enough, but the first one might be a little hard, since I'm usually pretty good at spilling the beans and I dare say you people know everything anyways. Let's see.

1) I like puppies. Ok sorry, that doesn't count. Well then...I used to be really good at French and German. In high-school in Texas, when everyone else was taking Spanish for their compulsory one year of a foreign language, I took a year of Latin, three years of German, and two years of French. This meant giving up other "fun" courses like Art, which people took because they could have fun with staplers. Not a huge loss. My proudest moment was when I was entertaining a German guest in Copenhagen not long after I moved here, and he actually said to me that I had a really good German accent. Then it all went down hill from there because I never got more chances to use it.

2) My favorite moment of the month is when I spy my Vanity Fair in my letter box. I know then, that I've got hours of quality sofa time in front of me. Delicious. I always read the Proust Questionnaire right off the bat, and to each question find my own answer to it as well, but I never get to tell anyone.

3) I think becoming a grown-up has been really bittersweet. I love it because I can do what I want: have kids without being barraged with folders on prevention, paint my walls red, have drinks with friends. The bummer is realising that people aren't grown up just because they're 30 yrs. or older. The people who are running the world are just tall children who can drink beer, basically. This makes me try more to be a responsible grown-up. You know, a tall child who can drink beer, with a conscience.

4) Pertaining to the award given here, I suppose it's no secret that I'm pretty big on disclosure. I like telling it like it is. I do however know that it comes with responsibility, or diplomacy at the very least. Learned that the hard way.

5) Nothing really shocks me anymore.

6) I have a secret. For a years I've known that a famous Danish actor, with a wife and children, had an affair (with a woman who looks a lot like his wife) which begat a child. And he wants nothing to do with the kid, who I've babysat on a few occasions. And it kills me that I can't tell anyone, and that he continues to enjoy the glory of his one, famous role. Not to say that you can't be brilliant in your work life, and a bastard at home at the same time (Peter Sellers, Thomas Mann, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, and many many others), but that just ain't right. You don't want a kid, you keep your dick out of the candy jar. Sorry, did that sound crass?

7) I'm in the process of cleaning up. It takes a long time. When I say cleaning up, I mean in everything. Last year, I scuffled all the pictures from my 7 years with my previous partner together...and threw them out. All the love letters too. It hurt, and I still wonder now if one day I'll kick myself for doing that. But Jennie from 2009 is still glad I did it, and may just have to come in and convince Jennie 2034 that it was the right thing to do at the time. I'm slowly letting go of memorabilia from my Dad too. That's tough, but I inevitably feel a lot lighter when I've done it, and I like that feeling, so I imagine I'll keep at it until I'm down to the few pictures I have and my 23 years of memories of him.

8) As you probably know, climate change scares the crap out of me. And the way humankind is tackling it has yet to impress me. And the only way I can deal with that is by not pretending that everything is still "business as usual". And that, is why I do not fly. (And before you get on me about how I still have electricity, and ride in cars sometimes, and every so often I may eat a pineapple flown in from God knows where, but if I did all that and still flew, I wouldn't be able to look my kids in the eyes. That was the short version.)

9) I am living the life I wished for ten years ago. I remember coming to Copenhagen as a newbie, not knowing a soul save my ex, going to parties, meeting interesting people, and wishing I could have friends like them. Now I do have interesting friends, but, they are even better. And the same goes for the husband, and the kids, and the place we call home, for all its faults.

10) Just a few years ago, I might have been embarrassed to admit that I'd met some of my friends on the innernets. Now that I have met may of my friends here, it'd be a bit hypocritical of me to say so now. Some of these people I will probably never meet face to face, which is not to say that they are any lesser. Some of them have turned into real dates for cocktails, sushi, or even offers to take care of my kids. And so I take any previous inhibitions on this matter back. Blogs are perfect tools for doing the groundwork in a relationship, so when you meet in real life, you can get straight to business. Now I don't want to get all mushy or I might just throw up a little, but...I love you guys.

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'Babs' said...

1. I always feel like an incredibly gorgeous woman even if I am standing dog ugly next to some supermodel goddess. (I try not to look too closely at my physical image in the mirror!!!)
2. I eat the same supper every evening 8 times out of ten. I am so predictable.
3. I think having children is insanity, but we all go with it pretty well.
4. I can't stand it when people lie to me about how they are truly feeling. I'd prefer rude bitchiness than hidden behind sugar bull.
5. I always get what I want. I want some chocolate cake.
6. I can never turn a soul in need away from my door if a soul in need presents itself at my door.
7. I love eels. They are fascinating and mysterious and we are never going to fathom them out.
8. I don't believe in the myth of 'free speech'. It doesn't exist nor should it. Some people (myself included) benefit from being told to STFU from time to time.
9. I burn everything I write after a certain amount of time. I also delete everything i blog after a while and prefer not to keep copies. I write a lot and it's just a way of breathing.
10. I love battle scarred truth beauty in folk who dare to bare their soul, but can also understand those who need to dance quietly with their own stuff. This world is fairly big and round, got place for most types except outspoken nazis and uh Morten Messysheizermits.

Fe said...

Oh I love this award! Thank you for taking it and giving it such a wonderful content.


Jennie said...

Babs - please tell me you don't EAT the eels too?! ;-)

Fe - Me too!!! Thank you for passing it on to me. And thank you for baring yourself. I wonder, do you feel lighter?

'Babs' said...

I used to eat eels, yes. But that was before I got to know them.

jen said...

Congrats! I love it that you're so straightforward! Und wenn du Deutsch reden willst, können wir das gerne tun :-) Aber ich muss deinem Bekannten recht geben, dein Akzent ist super!

Christina said...

Lindex nya kollektion är klänningen från! Lycka till!

Christina said...

Nu vet jag Topshop! Lycka till!

Anna Ander said...

I always read the Proust Questionnaire first as well. And pretend to be answering the questions myself over and over again. I liked your comments on gröt at Emi's and then you have a great polkadot raincoat AND matching lipstick and the kids are gorgeous and your writing's great, so yes. You have a new reader.

Jennie said...

Anna - welcome! And thank you for you words. And maybe next time I get my VF in the door, I'll answer the Proust Questionnaire and post them here. Ha!

Anna Ander said...

Thanks! And a special treat for you: