Monday, November 23, 2009

Just ignore me

Maybe it's the weather that's finally gotten to me. But I went to bed last night with a lump in my throat, and it hasn't gone away yet, and it's 2 pm the next day. I'm glad the baby fell out. I am allowing myself to say that.

I read the latest on the climate yesterday. It's bad. It's a minute to midnight, folks. I'm so filled with self-loathing for being a human right now. Yes, there are many fantastic things about being human, about life itself...but we're spoiling all of it. We're letting this magical place we all call home literally slip away from beneath us.

Some believe that it's "not that bad". Some believe that it's "far worse" than we think. I believe, that it will take a revolution to save our home. On many levels. The way we eat, the way we live, the way we work, the way we think. It's all got to change. Plus, we need a technological revolution to let us even get that far. If the northern cap melts (which it is doing at this very moment, not to mention the other one (two actually)), we're toast. Toast. No matter what COP15 brings of good or bad binding contracts between countries and the planet they reside on, if that ice cap melts, we have officially reached the point of no return. So we have to stop it from melting. Must. Stop.

Crazy as it sounds, climate changes makes me a better mother. I'm making their time here worthwhile. It's all you can really do, isn't it?

And honestly - are we worth saving? Sitting here on my computer, belly filled, warm and dry, I am just one of the 6% of the planet's population that have it this good. Are we paltry few worth saving? Since it is clearly our own asses we want to save and not everybody elses. Those innocent folk who's backs the rich countries have been riding on for centuries.

Can you tell I'm a bit disgusted right now? I may need a g&t in the immediate future.


'Babs' said...

If i think about it i will go batshit crazy, go to bed and turn my face to the wall.

Just have to keep making small victories is all, and make trouble when we can for those who need to lose some sleep.

DreaminginDanish said...

I could not second Babs more. We abso-freakin-lutely have to continue to fight for small victories, relish them, and get in the face of those that need some reality checks.
Think of how bad folks like Nostradamus felt (I know some folks will piss on me for that one but I say kindly, piss off). Folks who really see shit coming and can't get anyone to listen. We are small and yet we are large. One person can make a difference no matter how small and you make that difference. Celebrate that and love yourself - by loving yourself (aka letting yourself out of the dark hole) you love the rest and the good earth that graces you with food and sustenance.
Keep ur chin up mujer! Earth needs positivity and love.

Juliet said...

I have a cold and cough, too. I hope the kid in my belly is okay.

I often feel angry at humanity, too. But the people like you, who truly care about our Earth and quality of life, are the ones who make me feel we are worth saving.

Jennie said...

Babs - I know the feeling.

Indra - when the hell are you moving to Copenhagen?? I need more Nuyoricans in my life! Nobody ever calls me mujer :-) You're right. You're right. You're right.

Juliet - me? really? I am taking that to heart Juliet. Thank you. Made my day, actually.

'Babs' said...

*grabs hold of dreamingindenmark* you are not having her!!!!


Mads and Kelli said...

I am sorry that I never responded to your first blog about the baby.. I just could not find the words. It was as if your experience became mine all over again.
But I do want you to know I am thinking about you and I know that you look at those two blessings you already have and realize that life is good.....
really good.

Fe said...

I know how you feel. I second Babs when she said "If i think about it i will go batshit crazy, go to bed and turn my face to the wall. "

We just have to recognise that our small steps have to add up to big steps, as long as there are enough of us taking the small steps.

And we have to keep talking about it. I do, a lot, in real life, which is kind of why I leave it off my blog (which is for all the things that I struggle with talking about in real life). Maybe I should talk more about it there.

And I'm sorry about your baby. I know that you're okay, but I still wish you hadn't had to go through that.


Jennie said...

Babs - let's duke it out! I've never fought over another woman before, but there's a a first for everything! ;-)

Kelli - I deliberately turned off the comments on the post about the miscarriage. I didn't awnt people to feel obligated to say something. It was unpleasant yes, but really, it's okay. And I'm really enjoying my boys. How lucky am I?

Fe - thank you, and hugs back. I know you need them!
I think you really have a point there. We MUST talk about it. It's essential really, to solving this problem. I love to quote Danish philosopher Tor Nørretranders (so recommendable, AND translated to English) who says that the reason the world didn't get blown up during the Cold War was because people talked about it. So keep talking! That's what I'm doing, and it seems to help me, as well as making the people around me actually listen to what I'm saying, and know that I'm dead serious about this subject and it's not a fluke. Btw, just curious, where in Oz do you live? NSW?

librarianista said...

I'm really sorry about the miscarriage. It sounds like you're dealing with it really well, but still--that sucks.

Jennie said...

librarianista - thanx. Sorry, I should have put a warning that pregnant women shouldn't read this post.

Eco Mama said...

I hear you on those eco-blues. Eco-panic. Eco-disgust, etc. I still have hope! You have to if you're a mom, right?
Eco Mama

Jennie said...

Eco Mama - uh, yeah. I mean, two years ago I had an angst provoked panic attack. I couldn't do squat. Physically ill, couldn't get out of bed. What kind of life is it for my kids if I'm like that all the time? So, yeah, I'm an optimist. A realistic one. And I hope this baby boom the world is seeing now will produce the people that can solve this mess! Cause we're apparently not cutting it.