Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Secret to a Low Resting Heart Rate - Bornholm

Go to the beach and stare at the sea. Bring your children. Or a woman you met once on a ferry who likes your children. Or both.

Get your feet wet. Bring extra socks.

Buy the Donald Duck magazine. Play with the free gift.

Repeat with the other kid.

Watch the cloud cover bury the village like a heavy down comforter.

Bike around the village whimsically. Explore small courtyards.

Take pictures of your wife early in the morning. Ok, scratch that. That is not good for your resting heart rate.

Walk around the house in your skivvies.

As a special bonus, here's a video I caught of Mikael skipping some pretty serious stones on the beach. Our hero. His arm fell off afterwards.


'Babs' said...

Lovely pics:)

I like the wifeearlymarnin one.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Bornholm is at the top of my must visit list!! Glad you had some good relaxing fun!

DreaminginDanish said...

You copenhagen accented sharp bunch. The kids are getting even cuter! Is that possible? I think there must be a cuteness meter that is going to get completely smashed by the third one!

Jennie said...

Babs - oh you dare to like that picture! My fault for posting it. I am just not photogenic before 11 am.

Kelli - what are you waiting for! There are many tourists in the summer. Book a summerhouse for summer '10 now! Gæstgivergården in Allinge is where the action is.

Dreaming - Man if you think I talk with a Copenhagen accent, you should hear Dante. He beats Mik and me both. That boy is a certified "københavner". The kids need to tone the cute down. It's hard enough to get stuff done around here as it is!!!

Bluefish said...

I really want to visit Bornholm next year with Kenneth! The island seems so pretty...what is the cheapest way to travel day and how many days do you recommend?

Jennie said...

Bluefish - Hm, I think the bus is cheapest (bus to Ystad, then ferry). We don't do it though, train's better with kids.

I dno't know how your travel temperament is - you can easily see the whole island in a few days. But if you really want to go down in gear, stay a week and bicycle around. There are bike lanes all around the island, along beaches, and through the woods.

Charlotte Frantzdatter said...

Going there on friday!

Elijah Shannon said...

It is always wonderful to see the beautiful places I didn't even know existed. Dreamy.

Elijah Shannon said...

It is always wonderful to see the beautiful places I didn't even know existed. Dreamy.

Bluefish said...

Thanks a lot for information. I think taking the train is the best and a week sounds great.