Friday, January 08, 2010

What's in the bag?

Mini-flask with 12 year rum. I've had it for ten years now, and in cold weather like this, I never leave home without it.


Fe said...

A girl after my own heart! Although mine would be filled with 12 year old Scotch. ;)

Anna Ander said...

Beautiful. It was -23°C over here yesterday, I could have used of one those. Love the apprehensive smile in picture no 3, you just know it's going to be good.

And thanks for the German research, important questions need to their answers.

PiNG aka Patti said...

Personally, I love the bag itself!

aletterfromhome said...

Such a fun post, it made me smile while at work today!

Eco Mama said...

Ha Ha! Fabulous!
Eco Mama

the writer said...

This might be an OT but I love your leather backpack :)

Jennie said...

Fe - Every girl should have one!

Anna - my pleasure! And yes, get one! Make it just a little bigger than mine.

Patti - Check saddleback leather's website. A really fun company, and a great bag that no doubt will last me until the day I die.

Megan - I'm glad to hear that!

EcoMama - and illicits lots of looks too! ;-)

Writer - Saddleback Leather. They have other great products too! It's very sturdy, just what I needed on our Morocco trip, but didn't have at the time!

BABS said...

Purely for medicinal reasons, of course ;)

jen said...

that's what I call "stress-managment" ;-)

Sparx said...

Yeah, I love the leather satchel too - very cool! I have a couple of hipflasks... one is in my camping gear and one in the liquor cabinet to be taken out in emergencies... come to think of it, this weather is pretty much the thing for it hey? Great to *see* you the other day too!

Jennie said...

Babs- Obviously. Damn gout.

Jen - Oh you know it. This thing definitely had a renaissance with me after having children!

Sparx - Alas, this is the only one I have, though I daresay I've considered getting another (bigger) one! Very cool connecting the other day indeed!