Wednesday, March 30, 2011


How could I forget? It was also time to gussy our door up! We'd bought a bronze Hand of Fatima in Essaouira and brought it back, just for this very spot. I also carefully cut our names out in new sticky stuff for the door, a bit less funky than lass time, but I like it. And yes, I've blurred the names for the sake of privacy. No, not for you, the crazy one.


Gabriela said...

Who'd be the first to knock at that renewed door?

Sparx said...

I love those door handles... they seem so old-fashioned and quirky. I'd be worried in our area however, I'm sure something like this would be nicked in a flash. Someone nicked our door numbers one year.

Jennie said...

Gabriela - would you believe it's only been used by my kids?! Such a shame :)

Sparx - hadn't even entertained the thought. Hoping that living on the fourth floor helps in deterring thieves!