Friday, July 22, 2011

Things That Made Me Go "Wow".

I got my first email account back in 1996. At that point, I'd known about email and ICQ chat for about a year or so. We didn't have internet at home though. We were one of the last ones on the block to buy at cd player too, just sayin'. Email came in handy when I moved to Denmark. I lived in Odense, and my boyfriend lived in Copenhagen. At my school, I'd use every break to read new emails from him, and write some back. This was also before we had cell phones btw, so no secret texting in class to be had!

So, email was a great thing. But the moment I really discovered how great the internet was, was after I'd moved to Copenhagen, where I lived with my boyfriend, who had internet, and one of those painfully slow modems, dinging and buzzing and lighting for half a minute before you were connected. We were hanging out at home, the windows were open, it was summer. Everyone had their windows open. Someone in a third floor apartment across the yard was playing a really good song that the breeze carried in. We didn't recognize it, but there was an unusual beat, strange pinging sounds, and a refrain that kept on, with a few words we could decipher. Something about a bong. And then some French. Again and again. We googled, no, we yahoo'd (remember Yahoo? Yeah, me nerither) the words we thought we'd heard, and something turned up. It was this.

From then on, finding information seemed so easy. It's evolved since then, of course. If I hear a song I like at a bar, I whip out my smartphone and Shazam it. No more asking the bartender what they're playing. That's when it all took off really. Information wasn't at a library anymore, it was at our fingertips. I hope it stays that way, come what may.

What was your first internet "wow" experience?


Anne-Sofie said...

Jennie! I've never written a comment here, but now I have to tell you about the first time I went online.

It was in 1997 and I was at Krabbesholm Højskole. I was on the graphic design course, so very tech savvy and yes, I thought I would try this internet thing out.

I think it was pretty hard to think up where I wanted to go - so I must have found some random url to put in ....

I waited and waited and waited and as it never loaded I concluded: The internet is not able to do anything and it has no future.

Or as I thought: Det er en døgnflue.

Jennie said...

My experience was the same! Where the hell to go? There weren't a lot of places back then. I actually started reading since they were online before Danish dailies. Fun times!

Thx for commenting - come again dear! xx

Archaeogoddess said...

I have been trying to remember and I can't! It's been that long!!

I took a college course in high school that required me to have email, so I could email the professor. I then convinced my parents to get email at home. My BFF and I emailed with a friend from school. A friend we saw every day in almost every class, but HEY, how much more cool was it to wait half an hour for the email to load, so we could read it, write a response, and wait half an hour for it to get sent!?! Sometimes the friend would even come over and we'd all take turns on my parents computer checking our email. That we had written. To each other.