Monday, January 09, 2012

Life Resolutions

Not doing the New Year's resolutions - if you hadn't noticed.
Everyone's got them, right?

But. As we know, I'm not getting any younger.
Consider these life resolutions then.
I'm pretty certain that if I don't make certain...tweaks, now -
I won't ever.
But I will.

I'm not going to say "starting now", since that's a crock.
Let's say yesterday.


I'd like to use more expletives on print.
Less in conversation.

I'm going to stop focusing on being skinny one day (not gonna happen) and
focus on being healthy.

Gonna stop talking about doing stuff
and just do it.
(But I already started doing the podcast, so I'm halfway there, right?)

I will get over my aversion to being successful.
It's like I never thought I was good enough,
or didn't deserve it.
But I am.
And I ...

But I am keeping my goal.
My one goal that surpasses everything else.
To be happy today.

If there's one thing that's more important to me than anything else,
it's that my family laughs together.
Every day.
Any other way is futile.

I don't blog enough, a victim of micro-blogging on social media, like everyone else. Find me there!


Mikael Rømer said...

Hear! Hear!

Vida de Praia said...

Can they be adopted by anyone else... say, by yours truly...? ;-)