Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Just the first in a series of posts trying to recall my life the past 6 months. 
We have added a few new family members to the mix. 
München, black cat, reserved, yet cuddly.
Odessa, gray cat, social and playful. 
And we took care of Pony more than a few times as well, a Boxador (extremely sweet, child friendly breed-mix), who we LOVE, and she loves us, and the kittehs (maybe too much?) back.
Adding animals to the thesis-crunch was a bit of a gamble. It was nice to have lumps of purr around in periods of high stress, and also nice to have to go for walks intermittently, but KITTENS people. They are ALL over the place.  
Back with more from the previous 6 months i a jiff!


mina kim said...

awwwwwwww!! more, plz. :D

Dogenhagen said...

Cute dog. Check out Dogenhagen on meetup for events centered around the four-legged and their humans. Our next event is Dogenween:

PS. leaving the cats at home is advisable.

Sparx said...

Cute - but the Charlie resemblance continues to freak me out!