Monday, December 10, 2012

A new floor, a new look on life (I hope), and a DIY

I left you last in Berlin. Since then, dear readers, it would appear to the untrained eye that nothing has happened, nothing at all. But on the contrary, everything has changed. For the better? Perhaps. For the worse? No, not at all. But there is No Going Back, however you look at it. 

Upon our return from Berlin, I quickly threw myself into Project Floor Paint. It took many days of painting, many podcasts to stave off the monotony, and weeks of drying. We've lived here for 7 years. SEVEN. Our en suite living/dining rooms have lived under the shame of our horrible floors far too long. And when all was painted, dried, and done? All I could think of was - what the hell took us so long?! 

See? So much better. Like a blanket of calm engulfed our entire apartment, and all our furnishings? What the hell took so long indeed!


Now, I no longer wince when I see the children playing on the floor. I don't imagine them playing in a pool of imaginary mud any longer. They're free to roll around all they want down there (provided vaccuming's up to date) and strew their playthings hither and thither.

Why yes, that is a miniscule Christmas tree in a pot! As you people will know, I will not have an amputated tree stand around in my home, only waiting to die, bejeweled and twinkling in one final, cruel tort. We shall replant this one, and hopefully use it again next year. 

But a small glimpse of our light, bright floor - the staches are really why I put this picture here and you know it. 

Oh right - that new look on life? I got my Masters, bitches!!! This is me, reading a non-fiction book because I want to, not because I have to. Just look at me. I'm even enjoying it, and my pits aren't involuntarily sweaty. 

Hooray and all that, but it's winter now, and someone has to be practical. We live in an old building from 1905-ish. It's not exactly a role model as insulation goes. So to combat unnecessary drafts, I've made my own draft-stoppers. If you can sew a somewhat straight line - this is for you! I have lots of fabric scraps from all sorts of projects. They fit the bill for this sort of thing. The white fabric is from an old sheet I think, and the flowery fabric is actually a repurposed pant leg. I really loved those trousers, but there was a huge black grease stain from my bike that never went away, so... 

Lay your "pretty" fabric pattern side up on top of your whilte/utilitarian fabric that is your inner casing. Fold them over, and pin them like so. 

Sew along the pin line. Then sew again along one of the ends. It doesn't have to be pretty! 

When you've done that, you need to flip the fabric right side out again, and then you're ready to fill'er up! 

I bought cheap sand at the pet store. You could use other things - rice, lentils, cherry pits. Whatevs. 

I really, really, really, really, really, REALLY recommend using a cup/ladle/ANYTHING smaller to transport the sand from the bag to the funnel. Fill them just enough to be full, not bursting. You want to be able to fold and contort them around corners and such.

All filled up, and ready to insulate! This particular one is destined for the tv room. The ones I made for the dining room have a gray casing to better fit the decor there. Next up - curtains!


Uden Relevans said...


Floor Masters...everything!


Jennie Ferrara said...

Yes! Yaaaay! Thank you! It's all rosy now - apart from the climate crisi of course ;)

BavarianSojourn said...

Hooray for a finished Masters, and shiny lovely floors! Enjoy putting you feet up! Emma :)